A Home for the Homeless | Hunter Fan’s partnership with the Dorothy Day House

When we got to Loretta house we was in
hotels. The Dorothy Day house is a home. It’s a home for families who are lacking
stability. They are helping families stay together when they are struggling
against homelessness. There a Godsend! It isn’t many programs
like this one. Employees wanted to get involved because they want to feel
connected to the community, and we couldn’t done it without all of the
people that were so excited about the mission and about the Dorothy Day house
and what it’s here for. The whole deal with with keeping families together in the house
was neat, that’s just cool. It’s something that so many of us take for granted when
we have the same place to go home to every single night but that’s so
important. When I mean 100 percent turn around ,100 percent! We got a home, we got a car, both of us are working now, so we could build for our family. We love that we can get in to people’s homes and help them be a more beautiful place and kind of prove
that that hunter fans could be part of a beautiful home, but this one’s a really
special one because it feels like we’re helping more people and people who need it more than most. When these families come in here it’s going to feel like
home. I mean you can’t imagine going from living in your car to having a home. And it just gave us a chance, like… gave us a chance to breathe again! You know what I’m saying, just gave us a chance to breathe. We have a product where we want to make you comfortable in your home, it’s our entire focus and so it just makes sense.
And then when once she was like, ” This is your room” and I just look like, This is my room?!
…Like man, I feel like a queen (laughs) I think that’s the beauty of Hunter Fan.
they’re a corporation of course but they’re also made up of people who care. music fades

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