Crews of Rage: Official Sea of Thieves Content Update

It’s time for another free monthly
update for Sea of Thieves! There’s new cursed Chests of Rage, extreme makeovers with
the Pirate Appearance Potion, and battles with fearsome Ashen Skeletons at Molten
Sands Fort. All of this and more as we take to the seas with Crews of Rage! Duke has new Raging Bounty Voyages in
store for you and your crew that will send you off in search of a new cursed chest: the Chest of Rage. The Chest of Rage contains the souls of trapped
pirates who desperately want to be released and their rage fuels the power
of this chest. And to make sure their anger stays contained as you ferry it
across the waves, you’ll have to keep it cool. A plunge into the depths of the sea will be enough to keep it under control. Or, if
you’re on the move, a bucket of water should do the trick. But more neglectful
pirates will find themselves dealing with the devastation of an explosive
shock-wave of fire. Each Raging Bounty Voyage will lead
you across the seas in search of hordes of vicious skeletons, and as you face off
against brittle Skeleton Lords, using the power of this chest against them might
just tip the scales in your favour. Hmm, toasty! If you want to risk taking your
haul to the Reaper’s Hideout then just as with last month, the Masked Stranger is
offering you double gold for your trouble. She even seems quite happy to take the Chest of Rage off your hands. I wonder
why… And for those pirates who have been
feverishly collecting Ashen Tomes, the final five Tomes are now out in the wild
for you to find. Hunt them down and you’ll unlock incredible Ashen cosmetics
for your ship. Get them while they’re hot! In the Bilge Rats’ Black Market, you’ll
find a treasure trove of new cosmetics for your character and ship. Entice the
band to get back together one more time with the Fearless Bone Crusher instrument set. It’s a pretty metal loop for a pirate cover band – but this guy seems to
like it. There’s also the Deep Ocean Crawler clothing and ship set for
pirates craving to represent their inner crustacean character. And for those swept
up in the romance of the month there’s the Wild Rose ship livery. Ahh, isn’t that sweet! And there are new
additions to the Pirate Emporium too. Send your rivals a point-blank message of
love with the new stunningly deadly Reaper’s Heart weapons. It’s often said on
the Sea of Thieves that there’s a fine line between love and hate. Shooting someone tends to clarify things. There are also new Cursed Pets available
with the Reaper’s Heart McCaw and Capuchin. These constructs of dark magic may be cursed and rather creepy, but they still need kind-hearted pirates to give
them a forever home. And if you feel like your pet could to do with a makeover there
are new outfits now available. Soften the edges of your little heart-breakers with
the delightfully floral Rose costume set. Or maybe kit out your cockatoo with
the new Admiral set to let them lord it over all the other pets. And if you’re
looking for a new way to express yourself, we’ve got Emote bundles for
pirates of all persuasions. Whether you want to hear whispers of what the future
has in store for you, show off your Sea Dog swagger or simply
take the time to commemorate a special moment between you and your crew. The Emotes in this month’s update will
send your spirits soaring like you’re king of the world! And if you’ve ever wished your pirate
could look a little less like the results of the hasty decision you made
when you first took to the sea, well now’s your chance with the Pirate
Appearance Potion. Grab one of these potions and you’ll be prompted to roll
the dice and select a brand new character that better reflects your
pirate persona. And don’t worry – all of your currency, purchases and Trading
Company and Commendation progress are coming along with you. And rounding out
this month’s offering from the Pirate Emporium is the Viva Pinata-inspired
Paradise Garden ship livery. A tribute to the mythical candy-filled creatures
who are rumoured to rule a lush paradise island, this full ship set’s eye-popping
colours and details are sure to lead you to adventures that are always filled
with fun. All across the seas, Skeleton Forts
have started to fall quiet… All except Molten Sands Fortress in The Devil’s Roar. Ashen Skeletons have been sighted there, gathering alongside
Ashen Guardians and Key Masters – so before they can carry out whatever
misdeeds they have planned, let them taste steel! Battle hard and overcome a
ferocious Skeleton Lord and a mighty reward or two will be yours. So keep a cool head as the seas start to
heat up in the next Sea of Thieves monthly update Crews of Rage! Thank you very much for watching! Remember, if you liked what you saw and there’s a wealth of content already on
our channel and there’s lots more to come, so subscribe and click that little
ship’s bell for all those notifications. Cheers!

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