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Rob can you please hunt some Customer wrapped rolls for a change? YES! Hey everybody its Rob with Rob finds
treasure and I do get asked quite frequently on my channel why I don’t
hunt enough customer wrapped rolls and you know what you’re right I don’t I
don’t because I usually like to get the bank sealed rolls because in my opinion
in my opinion they’re more consistent a lot of times when I do get customer rap
rolls they’ve already been searched there’s a lot of coin roll hunters here
in North Texas and you never know when you get someone’s dumped rolls for
nothing that being said because it’s been asked quite a bit on my channel I
felt like I go ahead and go to some banks today and get as many customer
wrapped penny rolls as I could now I’ve got a couple of banks represented here
that know that I corner on that know their corner hunters and have assured me
in their best opinion that these rules have not been searched by coin roll hunters we’re not going to know until we get into them customer wrapped rolls can be either one of your best finds or in my case a lot of times no good finds that being said
I’m excited to get into them I’ve got them organized here I’ve got a lot of
these similar type wrappers in the front I think there’s 27 wrapped rolls that
are these that look like this I’ve got another what is that maybe 16 rolls that
are these generic flat wrap ones even with some water damage that’s a good
sign which is why I said I’ll go and pick them up today and then I’ve got
another five that are these type of rolls and then I even have one back here
which is an old roll and I think it has the customers name so I don’t want to
show it but it has their customers name and account information on there and
that’s always a good sign because most corner owners wouldn’t do that and then
finally I had these 15 of these rappers up front so this is gonna be a $32 and
$0.50 roll hunt or 65 total rolls now we’ll know pretty quickly when I get
into each set of rules if likely they’ve been searched if
there’s no copper for example or if there’s no Wheaties
but I’m gonna look through them anyway I’ll bring you guys it along the way
we’ve got 65 custom wrap rules to go through fingers crossed and find some
goodies and I can make a video I think I’ve talked long enough let’s kick it
off with these red rules that say 50 pennies enemy well I think it’s safe to
say that this is not gonna be a roll of pennies from someone’s roll hunting dump
because let me show you what I am holding in my hand that I dumped into my
hand which makes me want to put on some gloves I’m thinking this comes from a
house that had a pet and they dumped all their coin jar onto the carpet and
rolled the pennies up cuz that is a lot of animal hair carpet fibers you name it
pretty disgusting I’ll be it if you could believe it or not a good sign
I’ll loop you in when I find something I’m probably gonna put on gloves we’re
on the second roll of these pink rolls or red rolls if you will and we know
it’s custom a wrap for sure there’s a diamond here and we know it’s
customer wrap non corner hunting wrap because that wouldn’t have made it in no
corner owner would lose nine cents wrapping rules all right let’s take a
dime first fine on the board we made nine cents working on our third roll and
we’ve got a pretty nice 58 wheat cent facing us 58 d that’s pretty nice luster
on there definitely definitely high grade good
luster probably a brown but I’ll take that all day we’d set number one roll
number nine more of the cat hair but a second dime right there
$19.99 d oh let’s keep hunting rule number ten we’ve got ourselves a
Canadian two thousand ten one number thirteen our third dime 2007 making some
money on these custom wrap rolls now I see why you guys hunt them
aside from all the animal hair that we’re finding it but you know what small
price to pay for some good fines if we can get some roll number 38 of the hunt
we’re still getting a lot of these rolls with hair and stuff in it that’s what
you get with custom wrap that seems like but we got an oldie salt facing me it’s
a 1919 wheat cent terrible shape but I’ll take it so it’s good seeing a teen
sweetie in the hunt and we’ve got one only the second so far through 38 rolls
see if it heats up roll number 42 and third corn in we’ve got kind of a weedy
toner decent detail probably the 40s no 57 D second to the last year week cent
number three roll 44 and slid down this 1984 and right behind it fell a week
since so we’re gonna have wheat sent number for the hunt looks like it could
be old is that another 1919 it is I think it’s
no mitt markcaswell 1919 so we’re to double-check it wasn’t
a 1909 but it’s not to teens
we’d since both 1919 both in rough shape but for for that now we’re on rule 58
and I figured this would be a good time to show you what I’ve been dealing with
in these rolls just dumped out this role these waterlogged ones you can see they
have been literally rolled up for quite some time most of them that I’m finding
are in the 80s and 90s and 1997 through 1980 is most of the dates other than
obviously some of the older coppers in the 70s as well not finding a lot of
Wheaties but we’re finding a lot of calm person and a lot of the dates that you
want to check for some of the varieties of course just wanted to give you a
bird’s eye look at the mess I’m having to deal with between the rolls that had
the cat hair and the roles that have the water damage still cool though get to
look through them sort through problem is if I find anything
that’s a variety or a key or anything like that it’s gonna have
some environmental damage for sir all right one more waterlogged roll and then
some regular rolls to finish it up still in that same rule I showed you and
peel them apart and leave this 1946 Denver minted wheat cent wheat cent
number five and it was sitting right next to the 1959 roll number 60 we’ve
got another foreign roll spilled out of my hands and this is another man scorned
very cool we’ll take it well we’ve done it we have raw hunted 65 customer rap
rolls I’ll get to this 83 here in a second the end of the day we found three
dimes in the rolls to nineteen nineteen teens wheat cents I’ll take those a
forty sixty a fifty seventy and the find of the box really because of the
condition is this 1958 D wheat cent it’s a very great shape happy to have found
it and it even has a little Tony found a couple of forms we found nine nineteen
fifty-nine Philadelphia Denver’s and one pretty nice 1974 D it’s got some
circulation dings but I might take a look at it against what I have in my
rolls and we ended up finding 169 s albeit not the devio of course that
would have been epic on top of that we did find this 1983 Philadelphia minted
cent if you will and I always check them for doubling on the obverse because
there’s a D do and doubling on the reverse you want to check for doubling
around the word cent and you can see it has some slight machine doubling going
on there but it does have a few other things I want to point out one it’s got
a die crack on the left base of the Memorial Building as well as one on the
right and few other things I want to show you look at this it’s got something
going on under the strike it runs through the memorial building up to do
the words and I’m going to get to the words in a second but I don’t know if
that was a piece of hair or something that was on the plant
and then it struck it strikethrough errors are usually above the strike but
that’s below so I don’t know if there was something sitting on there or what
kind of odd I don’t know if that’s just a defective plant so I’m trying to
figure that out you guys let me know that’s pretty cool in my opinion either
way and then finally heavy machine doubling on this one take a look at the
Machine doubling on the United States that’s pretty extensive now it is not a
double die reverse there are no indicators on here that tells me
anything either machine doubling but I thought wow that’s pretty heavy thought
it was pretty cool when you couple that along with whatever’s going on in the
plant in here along with the to die cracks down here and then even some of
that die crack down there and then of course of light machine doubling on the
word said I just thought it was a cool set to hold on to I’m gonna keep it
added to my collection as far as miscellaneous finds something unique for
sure figure we’d hold on to it if you guys know anything more about this that
maybe I’m not picking up on I’d appreciate it in the comments either way
I’ll be keeping it kind of cool we didn’t score an epic hunt we only got
five wheat cents at sixty-five rules that’s one every 15 had these been clean
since to look at it not full of pet dander I wouldn’t had bad allergies and
it would be a little more fun but it’s always fun to mix up the hunts between
customer and bank rat rolls I promise in 2020 I’ll be doing more customer wrapped
hunts I even have some quarters that I’ll be doing next if you enjoyed this
video I’d appreciate a thumbs up and as always everyone happy hunting and thanks
for watching you

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