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this week on rush outdoors we’re chasing
long beards in walleye we’ll explore some interesting tidbits with Tori’s
topics and of course member footage with rush uncut awesome New York buckwe’re taking a
great buck back to NY got a really nice buck craziness hes down what a buck rush outdoors is brought to you by
runnings your home farm an outdoor store closed captioning for rush outdoors is
brought to you by the Wayne County Department of Tourism look them up
online at Wayne County Tourism dot-com everyone welcome to rush outdoors I’m
Realtree Pro staffer Tim Anders today I’m right outside of sodus Point Park here
sodus bay Wayne County you know a wayne county is always noted for the trout
and salmon fishing the bass fishing and they mentioned the perch once in a while
but their perch fishing is unbelievable no matter what time of the year spring
summer fall winter it’s early fall we made a ride down here to get the report
and another thing winged coming is known for rate in the water great restaurants as you can see Lake Ontario is a little
bit rough the nice thing about Silver’s bait you go a quarter half mile in like
a farm pond but we’re looking for calmer waters
let’s join pro se for Keith Bartholomew on a spring turkey hunt and 2 States
ok first road trip of the year spring turkeys down in Kentucky we’re gonna go
down for the opener got the karlsen’s choke tube in this beretta and we’re
looking to put the keystone calls to use and we’re gonna let the feathers fly
hopefully so come along and join us first trip for 2019 alright guys we did it
we called this bird all the way across that Ridge I had seen this bird all the
way across and I told Brad I text my teammate Brad Wilcox BlackHawk I said right by
your you’re blind the one that I shot my buck out of this last year with my PSE
and I go there that big boys right there underneath that he’s got a Black Hawk
covert wireless camera I’m Matt I said you’re gonna get an image of that ding
Turkey he’s gonna walk right in front of it less than five minutes later he had
sent me the image and sure enough sure enough he come over down on the other
side of the ridge there and I made a bunch of calls and with the Keystone
calls and the rest is history he closed the distance and he got up here the
decoys got a little nervous and we put the old bead on him put the Carlson
choke tube ready to use in here yes man what a nice bird he’s got pride ten and
a half inch beard and inch and a quarter Spurs I would say real sharp Spurs so
we’re tagged out here in Northern Kentucky and this has just been a dream
come true we’ve taken a lot of animals right here at this spot so white tails
and now we took in our first Turkey right here so becoming my favorite area
right here here in Northern Kentucky so God has blessed me again Runnings incredible selection at
competitive prices check us out the shores of Lake Ontario
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at the end of the day our lodging facilities will provide you with a
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of the Thousand Islands and its many historic castles and lighthouses for
more information on campgrounds cottages and entertainment you
Black Lake NY dot-com rush outdoors is also brought to you by Orleans County
the New York sportsmen Expo PSE archery CVA scent lok nocturnal lighted knocks
block targets IQ bow sights true fire releases the Black Lake Chamber of
Commerce North Country troopers assisting troops steal loss signs and
these fine sponsors okay guys opener of spring turkey season
right here in the home state of New York I’m looking forward to this we got a
good start on the season and looking forward to get to New York season kicked
off well alright we just got it done here in
New York wow what a hot finally got that bird
fired up wait come in he’s I don’t know 25 yards I had to keep jacking the
camera round from window to window here we got four Jakes you’re still just
stroking around but yeah he’s pretty good bird hey let’s go check him out
he’s don’t cost in it again alright man we just need to smack down on a nice New
York spring gobbler opening day here let’s go checking out my beauty we had
three or four Jake’s come in early and then a couple hands and then I seen
three other birds coming way down the field and I kept calling and they seemed
to decoys here and the two of the Jake’s came this way I seen there was a long
beard with him and wouldn’t you know what he wouldn’t come into the opening
or here right by me the Jake’s walked probably six seven yards from me but he
looped around he popped out down here out in the cornfield start strutting
gobble and I got him fired up with a keystone call there man he’s the biggest
bird that we have in this uh in this patch of woods right here so I’ve been
watching him there’s a bunch of other birds but he committed this morning he
he’s seen the decoys I got him fired up I got another hand fired up with her and
she didn’t like that the other boss hand here in the area so he turned she came
he came with four Jakes and he got up here I didn’t get a lot of pre-roll of
him right here he stepped into my opening and I had to shoot before I had
to jockey the camera again inside of the ground blind but Big Bird down here in
central New York pray got inch-and-a-quarter Spurs good bird and
they sharp first tory’s topics is brought to you by
vortex optics hey everyone Victoria first right here
I’m at the runnings in Brockport New York and it’s time for Tori’s topic and
this week we’re gonna head to the woods with John for an archery tip everybody
John Lennox with rush outdoors in the world of rush outdoors now we’re just a
few short weeks from the New York archery opener and I can promise you
that nothing will send Mike self-confidence through the roof like
practicing in a real world honking situation I’ve climbed up here in the
Millenium tree stand I’m gonna fling a few arrows down here my Glendale buck
give it a try you’ll be amazed at what it does for your self-confidence when
the season opens thanks for the tip John well that’s it for this week’s Tories
topics brought to you by vortex optics I’ll catch you next week you rush outdoors is also brought to you by
Martin’s marina dry-shod boots mozzie broadheads Glendale 3d targets
millennium treestands Carbon Express arrows qad arrow rests hunter safety
systems the whitetail Institute of North America covert scouting cameras the
resort at Snug Harbor briars Riverside market and these fine sponsors and like
I said not more than a half mile away look at the water it’s calm that’s a
great thing about right here four lakes rough you can be right in the bay here
get some great fishing but right now it’s time to change things up a bit
join pro staffer John Lennox and I we’re headed to another great lake Lake Erie
fishing with Brad Darcy Smith I’m Barcelona charters always a great time was there we go another one Barcelona
charters Barcelona New York we’ll be eating good tonight sixteen as I’ve said many times there’s never a
bad time fishermen bread and Darcy and I love walleye and up said hey folks
Brandon Thomas from rush outdoors and when I want to know what’s going on in
the outdoors in New York State I turned to New York outdoor news okay
now it’s time for this week’s covert corner brought by covert scouting
cameras this week we featured picks on and by field staffor joe pio
strawberry looking Kyle check it out awesome looking Kyle that’s why Joe pio
and everyone else to rush outdoors realizing covert scouting cameras we
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hunting when you get the shot will you be ready
runnings your home form an outdoor store she is great good all right man what do
you think I like it awesome all right hey welcome to rush
uncut I’m Keith Bartholomew this is Brandon Thomas we’re here at Dryden lawn
and recreation in Dryden New York yeah Keith were taking some Gators for a spin
so let’s quit talking and get to it all right
let’s do it all right rush uncut the member during
portion of our show where you the viewer could see yourself on TV hey Keith who
do we have up for our first time all right let’s jump right into it we got
rush uncut member Shane Smith turkey hunting with the youth that’s one thing
I’ll say about Shane Smith he gives back to the youth and a lot of other people
he’s such a passionate turkey hunter let’s check out and see what he’s got
for this youth hunt just hard one fly down about shooting man you better shoot that
turkey today is opening day here in Kentucky
for the Kentucky youth season and we just called in a nice gobbler for his
boy right here he put the smackdown on one and can’t
ask for nothing better we’re shooting footage for rush uncut down here in
Louis County Kentucky what a beautiful 50 degree morning we had and I’ve got
what’s your name Draven Ralph is his first Turkey is what
15 15 15 years old booyah baby you can’t ask for nothing
better than out opening morning well folks we will get off here we’ll go get
some breakfast we’re gonna make this young man buy us some breakfast
he’s game for it he says you got a first Turkey no it’s owned us so hey folks
don’t go to where I’m say Smith we’ll see you on the next time hey Shane great
hunt you know he never cease to impress you’re always taking youth out and
you’re a great mentor for all the youth good job Shane all right up next we have
rush uncut member Gordon wood he’s going to take us across the border to New
Brunswick to Texas River Outfitters spring black bear hunting it’s a third
night here in New Brunswick Canada Texas forever outfitters larry davidson by the
way we had really really gone counter with a young bear in the roadway
actually I got good cell phone video they just my guy Jamie’s down here refreshing the
bait that was him it was wiped out good so he’s getting ready to get out of here
I’m getting from the thumbs up and I’m gonna be a bear
stick around whatever happens put a good shot on bear we started
tracking it and I think we got him right up here we’re gonna make our way that
way and see what we got when we get here so let’s go Jeannie lead the way yeah
that’s good bear yep very nice very nice yeah thanks bud could’ve done without
you from I can help you let’s get them loaded up and let’s get
out of here okay hey Gordon great hunt thanks for sending in their footage by
the way I also heard Gordon helped to kill the biggest bear in camp that week
I think he did congratulations Gordon that’s one heck
of a bear all right for picture of the week we have rush uncut member Alicia
Midler with an ice bath she caught earlier this summer all right do you
want to become a member log on to rush outdoors com click onto
the rush uncut logo follow the simple steps join our team we want to have you
or sign up in person it’s a great New York sports from the expo at the end of
January and come eat the entire rush staff alright guys don’t forget the rush
outdoors with a camera alright Keith rush uncut is brought to you by fire
tower doubles Dovie motors upstream construction
Dryden lawn and recreation iron skillet seasonings the huntin buddy app for
seasons archery Woody’s maple syrup prime Kutz barber shop the rope guys
O’Brien’s restaurant and bar IBEW 43 and IBEW 1249 well that’s all the time we
ever this week thanks for tuning in next time I’m here in sodus Bay beyond that
water pulling some big old jack perch remember when at rush outdoors I’m your
host Tim Andrus I’ll see you on the water for live updates like us on
Facebook and follow us on Instagram this weekly feature feature Pio picture hi
everyone I said hi

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