Family Matters πŸ”΄ Streaming The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt In 2020 BLIND – Part 9

Family Matters πŸ”΄ Streaming The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt In 2020 BLIND – Part 9

Hey what is going on my friend
it’s Candroid here welcome back to the next episode we are streaming The
Witcher 3 Wild Hunt in 2020 blind not completely blind but it’s a blind let’s
play play playthrough I messed that up last time and I said play throw or
something last time playthrough anyway so we’re gonna pick up exactly where we
left off and I’m gonna try not to scream in the mic this time for you and yeah
thanks for joining me let’s get right into it picking up exactly where we left
off obviously we’re not going to play the game with this camera in your face
but I just wanted to let you know to please support my channel if you like
what I’m doing here enjoying this let’s play please subscribe like this video
and don’t forget to snag that bail so that you’re alerted to when we are
hosting next and I’m really sorry that I’m kind of weirdo where I’m the kind of
guy that hosts at 4:00 in the morning 3:00 in the morning mountain time
because that’s where I am right now and that’s just kind of the sleep mode that
I’m in right now that’s cool it’s all good so last time letsa loud banging isn’t it I just
visited this gentleman here and he helped me get my sword up to snuff cuz I
was oh my god it’s 422 oh yeah
420 yo that’s what I just did between videos oh yeah so I’m good to go now so we’re gonna be talking really find it
tomorrow in Oxon foot we got our will she know get my valiant Steve here
come on broach we are off to the next we’re off to Uncharted lands but before
we know how I do remember that we’re all the way over here and let’s gonna make
this an easy ride for everybody involved excuse me yeah so here’s hangman’s tree
I’ve been hangman’s tree you’ve never been up here or anything well I’ve been
as far as hangman’s tree which is right here thankfully I haven’t been hanged on
hangman’s tree yet cuz I have a good guy but this is where I need to go family
does matter okay and I just want to get the chat chat got the live chat going
here with the with an emoji and my one of my favorite activities to do which is well favorite activity but I do have some
weights over there but if you are catching this please interact with this
live stream and be like yo man what’s up but anyway we’re gonna go here let’s
figure out how exactly to go to there it doesn’t really say what this particular
settlement is right it won’t say until you get there guess what this is the
coolest game on earth and do you know what it really reminds me of I watched
the YouTube video about oh how oblivion you know and I’m sorry yeah I’m looking
more or the other schools before I was such a fan of oblivion I was playing at
Libyan still even when Skyrim was help and this game does remind me a lot
and also he’s like a oblivion times 10 like it’s it’s not next time lady we’ll
help you but I’ve got more pressing matters I’ve got to find ciri and I’ve
got to figure out some other stuff as well so will indeed would indeed still
be checking everything’s running okay having a spiritual experience a wonderful experience come on rich
like Philip yeah Family Matters it’s important quest
and this quest has spent a few videos oh snap
I’ve seen a lot of dead horses I’ve seen too many net forces I don’t want to see
any more dead corpses but I will try to be scavenger oh I can’t nothing to
scavenge all right or reports something definitely got that
lorises creature of some guy I imagine that thatis that must be Belen
in the distance over there right that region and yeah let’s go let’s go yeah I was just checking my Roach making sure
that we leave this ball with him that’s right I said wallet coin for us faster
well it looks like we’re looks like we’re doing some praying guys praying
for something – this entity I don’t know it does look familiar I
think I have facts over here oh oh yeah I I made a mistake because Ashley sorry
I kind of just tricked out because I did wanna use that travel marker in
Heatherton where who that guy was I was in Black Pearl actually that’s where we
were that’s where we started off I wanted to use this signpost and travel
to hangman’s tree so that we get there a little faster but I didn’t do that as a
trip though I don’t sorry about that what I do remember this this is a walk
down memory lane in the first couple videos Gus first couple of videos we
were down here video learning video too we were we were stomping down these down
these parts there’s kind of pool look at memory take it easy but little speeded up –
teeny bit hangman’s tree but this is kind of around where we first started I
believe oh yeah lovely tree oh there you are roach you got here
before me oh yeah so it’s 8:30 it’s 8:40 so the
Sun is sitting Wow what I just imagine that you
actually got to live this life the life on horseback a life of being an actual
richer or just a medieval dude I don’t know anything that’s so cool you know
traveling I wish it a fast travel now because it’s a rush
it’s gorgeous this land the they look like there’s an enemies
over there but I’m I’m going in the wrong direction
oh oh maybe yo Jules
ghouls are kind of freaky what is going on with this with these breadcrumbs
breadcrumbs they’re tripping me out man oh they’re trying to take me back to the
road probably who knows what they’re doing they’re just totally messing me up I don’t want to get my ass kicked by a
ghoul right now we’ll just relax on the rule on the
ghoulish for the time being because little scare me oh this is Bella again yeah so when I was way over here at
Black Pearl I will this I was looking at this place
and this is not Belen this is what is this place anyway
because this is clearly Bella sorry not there yeah right here in my exact
location because that’s what they’re just tough this is a pelham here okay I just go through a felon and I cut
through the bridge and cross these awesome bridge that is cool that is cool
the lake it also be cool to take a boat let’s do it come on let’s take a boat in this weather at
nighttime just close we’re gonna go cross-country it’s a little bit and I love how this is how big the roads
were back one day they were horse they were little horse tracks right that’s
what the roads were got a band sent here might be time for me to make some money
oh yeah and see what the first thing was warming
spirit once the words know how to make a spirit nice drink my bad
roach I’m sorry Oh see that I’m gonna get beat oh yeah
go into the top the one guy and then just get but if I good at sidestepping max that’s
to day guts laying on the ground but I also am dead – oh shit oh and I also was
feeling like I need to save soon but I didn’t save so I don’t know where we are travel can be troublesome can be
dangerous I mean what a shame gonna wait do it again
oh well as you travel you’ll come across villages deep populated by monster
attacks once you kill the monsters the settlements former inhabitants will
return oh wow that is interesting you can repopulate villages okay my
hangman’s alley because I fast Charlie here
I said Hank men’s pally that’s in Fallout 4 we are at the hanging tree we’re at the hangman’s tree sorry
let us continue on where is my normal speed all because I wanted to go for a boat
ride but you know what we are gonna go for it
we’re gonna make this boat ride happen I’m going to bolt right all the way to
that spot look where I am right now oh I was going
to say if I could somehow get that boat but it looks like I’m going to be locked
there so I’d like to get that glow too but we will just ride to the location we
don’t need a jicama for even though would be lots and lots of play we have pressing matters to get to and
we are being paid by the hour The Witcher hour this is gonna be best situation to meet
nine dogs well there are only dogs so thank you
thank God I survived cuz they’re only dogs but oh it looks like something’s
going on over there though what are those guys in the distance and
there’s like fire right there as well so there’s something going on over there
I’ll have to investigate let’s just pick up the dog I love how they really show
you exactly exactly there is it’s getting it’s starting to get
nighttime here so pull out the torch actually you can survive for a bit good
night oops it’s very interesting to my microwave
upstairs is beeping and no reason for it to be beeping it’s 4:20 in the morning
and that’s not even the most psychoactive I think those other guards
killed a bunch of other guys cuz we got some dogs on the ground that’s what
those other guys in jail and it ain’t gonna lose
I don’t live them it’s very interesting that very interesting my microwave
upstairs making noises when it when there’s
nobody upstairs who know we have scary which is crazy you know why does just
hold on roach there’s a lot of good meat on the ground right on the road just
going to waste and good pellets and once we got no there’s something over here
anything a little hard to see maybe I will yeah it just beats two more times again
this is interesting guys you can come and hang out and we can have a fun time
playing Witcher and we can have like a meal or a ghost experience at the same
time hang tight you you sorry about that nature calls nature
calls sorry to say that too but sometimes you’ve got to go oh they’re bandits what’s going on here
why isn’t anyone putting them out we wanted to burn gonna throw you we’re not
gonna fuck it out there’s a third way out of this
situation man he just gets into the greatest
situations right oh god I might be dying right in front of you guys again yeah here my brilliant plans – you know I have been killed but hey this is that’s
what this streaming is all about you guys get to be with me on my journey to playing this game playing The Witcher
Wild Hunt don’t forget if you like what I’m doing
please subscribe support the channel and give the video a like and click that
Bell notification icon baby put my water ball here so don’t make it
sound on the microphone hey we’re not too far off guess what I’m
just gonna not walk that way look at this guy’s bow or do you think I could
should take these take these clowns I am clearly not prepared right now to take
these clowns so but that’s my path although I could have went another way waste it on my health brooch oh is this a bandit abandoned camp I was
just reading about bandit camps so this is might be why they’re there
I don’t know I don’t know I have no idea with this camera
they give off so the you know stuff from the war journeyman’s
quick second this could be gear that was left behind you know what I need to do
guys I need to actually just I need to meditate I need to have a
quick now I need to meditate well I haven’t heard
the microwave go up again but the microwave was it went on three more
times it’s definitely making some noises which
is great all right I’m at full health roach got
some water and yeah let’s get rockin this is I’m just so happy that I decided
to come down here alcohol I was reading in my strategy guys that alcohol is good
for refilling your potions and stuff but great importance right now but oh my god how lick let me cool is this
guy amazed I think we’re gonna have to go try this
new bad boy out with those dudes up there because this is just going to be
too much fun what do we got this is like Christmas yes that’s good oh yeah
or journeyman’s armor repair kit okay look at this this is part of this game is going off
the beaten path of just doing some adventuring you have a lighting in this game
is quite something yeah with all the dead troops laying
around obviously this was you know the nilfgaardian fighting somebody or
somebody you know the Tamarians and the nilfgaardian sir
I was reading in my book they said something about they know the grads
finding somebody else I forget who that was but I’m still
learning this game in the war and everything involved in this game and t-bone just come this way
give skinny SEC rush that sweet we’ll have to try that Sabine
iam Gabe sign out hunting boots of Bella on sword very cool very cool
oh we’ve got some more stuff yeah if I gave my little save there so that
we can make sure that I will keep that stuff that I just got yeah this is like an old little camp of
supply camp they had somebody got the little ones Borbon spirits yeah my cat Nico is upstairs spreaded in
all these years he’s never been turned the microwave on and I touched the
microwave but the microwave has beat a few times
it hasn’t it’d just be three times a little while but anyway
I think I did some gathering some materials so I think we should be okay
I think we should face the fire base these bandits I’m just gonna save on our
time so that I’m here so that oh my path does go this way well I’m
just clicking the wrong I put the damn thing in okay
I can even just it’s a bunny rabbit what’s going on here
why isn’t anyone bringing it out room to maneuver from you fucking else
oh they’re fucking else how could you do that to me why would you do such a
horrible horrible thing do you know something that I something
that I had done in the past away and actually and a few episodes but starting
in episode number tubes video number two of this series of playing The Witcher I
in taking the Griffon down I got my butt kicked a number of times I got the beats
and I incorporated some Witcher gloves into the mix of that some boxing gloves
right and further for every round that you can’t even see them probably for
every round that we had I don’t know if you can see them probably can’t see them
right now I just wanted to put them in there for
fun but I don’t think they’re working out on the screen anyway that is okay yeah
they are there sorry so this is the next round guys
ding ding ding ding ding ding all right next round round 2 all right let’s do it
let’s kick their ass should I say this is not my concern this
time not my business just hope you had a good reason oh they’ll leave you alone I just said not my business and Oh he’s gonna pull an arrow I just know I just wanted to try to I’m a song
writer that’s all it works really good I almost smashed you kidding me a
decimal there we go one bandit down did pretty good didn’t
we oh I was taken and the guy did a
counter-attack on me dammit I don’t have any Marty the guy did a counter-attack
on me can you believe it Oh God I don’t have the you know it
looks like it’s gonna be round three here guys
round three oh that’s the wrong one sorry round three round three I’m gonna
get and this time I’m going to totally kick
their ass I’m gonna just beat the snot out of that all right
Oh Oh actually gonna let them take me down
this time because I actually wanted to bash the door in first is what I wanted
to do before attacking them I just forgot to take my damn sword out so so
sorry that we have to do this again guys sit through this lovely loading screen
isn’t it lovely well hey I’m just gonna make you sit through one more loading
screen and we’ll start rocking it for the very next episode sound good four
four four and those are lucky numbers 444 means that you are on par with with
your life’s goal right anyway that’s we’re gonna watch the rest of this as
I’m saying I’m trying to cut these episodes down to 30 minutes but we’re at
40 minutes right now and that is okay but I just wanted to thank you guys
again for watching and be sure to LIKE and subscribe and get that Bell
notification icon which are these things right here
right there those guys there get those guys so that we can support the channel
and so you keep doing this and so that I know that you’re enjoying this let’s
play so I’m gonna end this right here at 4:44 a.m. and we are gonna crush it in
five more minutes we’re gonna be taking these bandits on and we’re gonna be
kicking their ass so please join me for the next episode I’m excited to have you
for the next episode you’ll see there peace out yo we will see you on the next
episode take care

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