Florida Whitetail Deer Hunt and How I choose My Spot

Florida Whitetail Deer Hunt and How I choose My Spot

Alright guys, opening morning, Florida.
I’m pretty excited we’ve been seeing some really good activity on this
stand I’m gonna hunt. I put it up last year kind of late, didn’t see much but now
we’re seeing a lot of bucks on there even in the day. First cool morning. I think they’re
starting to chase so it should be a good hunt. So hopefully we can get us a
good deer, you know, so stay tuned! Hey guys welcome to another episode of Reel
Hazardous. Today we are hunting this time for opening season of gun season in
Florida. I’m really excited about hunting this spot. I used to do really well in
this area, kind of got left alone for a few years. Got up a stand last year, a lot
of good scrapes and rubs in that area and we put up a camera and we started
seeing some really good bucks. In Florida now a deer has to have three points on
one side for you to shoot a buck, anyways unless it’s a antlerless season you know
during bow or during a special time of year when you can shoot does and stuff
like that. For most general gun season, bucks have to have at least three
points on one side now we’ve had the camera on this spot and we’ve seen some
good deer–several little bucks that are like barely 3 some 4s, some 5s and some just have little split Forks a lot of good activity but there are
some good nice bucks in here too. Hoping to see one of those. The good news is the
hogs haven’t really hit this area. Seems like it’s mainly just deer and we’ve got
some bucks on the camera during the day a lot of times they’ll be kind of
nocturnal it’s really hard to find them but because we’re seeing them on the
camera during the day it’s a really good sign to me. That’s one of the reasons why
I chose to sit in this spot. The other reason I chose to sit here is just
really good past experience. A couple years ago or probably more than
that, several years ago I got some deer here. They seem to like to work this area
so just knowing that it’s done well in the past and it hasn’t been hunted hard
makes me think they’re gonna keep working this area I get set up in the
stand morning hunt and it’s not long maybe 30 45 minutes
after daylight when I’ll sudden I see a deer coming in. I get real excited,
I can see antlers. Pull up my scope, take a look at him and he looks like one of
those smaller Bucks that we’ve seen on camera
think he had a slight split on his antler. He may have been legal on one
side had a hard time seeing him though because my scope was a little blurry. A
week before my scope got some water on it we got rained on pretty heavily when
I shot the doe and I guess some of that water has gotten into the scope and
making it hard to see. It’s kind of an older scope so might be getting about
that time to replace it Just had one of those little bucks that we saw on camera. I think he was a little 3 or maybe a 4 point but they gotta have 3 on one side at
least an inch. I didn’t see a brow tine I didn’t see one of those. He was pretty small anyways. We’ll see if a bigger one comes by any time soon. It’s good to at least see something here. I haven’t see any bucks the last couple years so that’s good. maybe 20 minutes later, all of a sudden, I look
up and I see a deer coming in on that same lane but from the other side and he
pulls his head up. I can easily see this is a much bigger deer. I’m like man I think
he might be one of the eight points we’ve seen on camera. I get the scope on
him and clearly see this is a nice deer he’s got 4 on one side easy and the
other side looks pretty good too some I’m like all right this is gonna
be one. I’m pretty excited. I hadn’t shot a nice buck you know at this club in a long
time. Just hadn’t seen many, some got away, different reasons so I’m pretty
excited. I get the cameras going, get my gun up on him. He’s kind of working
through feeding as he’s going. He’s got his body kind of pointed at me and
his heads down so I get the scope on him once I found him, I go ahead and turn up the zoom a
little from the two more to the seven and I’m just waiting for a really good
shot. Finally he he kind of stands up to the side pulls his head up perfect
broadside *gun shot* Oh man that was crazy. Did not expect to see
that deer. I mean just hadn’t seen many bucks here and we had a nice one on camera
they usually are at night His neck’s real thick. They must be in
rut. He came in and I quickly got the camera on him and the
guns up. About that time he got angled away from me. He had his butt towards me
I couldn’t see his neck or shoulders good. I was just waiting and waiting and waiting He finally looks up turns around give me
a great broadside shot but a right at the base of the neck Man he had a good Florida rack. He is the one we seen
on camera. I think he’s a nice seven or an eight I mean much nicer than the 3 point we seen
earlier It’s 8:37. Nice cool morning Not sure if I got in on the camera looked like the card might have got full. Kind of stinks but… It’s been a great season for me so far that’s like a
deer second week, first week of gun season in Florida. So that’s good oh man, I’m excited. I’m shaking still. oh man it felt so good to get that buck
that’s a nice buck for Florida I mean obviously different parts of the country
that would be a small deer. Kentucky whatever but in this area that’s a
really good deer so we’re really excited to have them. I go up take a look at him
it’s really nice he’s definitely one of the ones we’ve seen on camera so pretty
excited one of the biggest deer I’ve gotten in a
long time nice eight-point had like a little broken one but still really good
deer and a good rack Man that is a good deer for this area. I hit right where I aimed, in the neck. wow look at that nice 8 point broken tine this one is broke right here wow That’s a good deer for over here. Probably the biggest deer I’ve seen in this area big neck this tree they’ve been rubbing on super excited, this is great got a nice one. Pretty excited. I’m still whispering, it’s a hard habit to break. Crazy thing is going back and looking at
the deer camera pictures there is an even bigger buck in this area. I mean it’s
crazy how big this buck is for Florida you know just wide tall everything I
mean he makes this deer look small. It’s pretty cool knowing there’s still
some bigger bucks in this area you know we’ll go back keep hunting and maybe we
can find that one as well thanks for watching guys hope you guys enjoyed the
hunt hope you guys learned a thing or two about why we chose the stands how we
set them up and how we trying to get ourselves a deer if you guys got any
questions feel free to comment below and we’ll see you on the next video

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  1. I'm in Florida right now for vacation and have been going to different state parks all week. Got into a few different whitetails while here on my trip. When is deer season down here, and around what area was this. I'm from Pennsylvania and some of the deer I've seen here this week looked to be a lot smaller bodied than I have back home.

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