Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 TOP SECRET (Ghost and Shadow Agencies, Operatives, Hideouts!) | Kalmarn

fortnight chapter 2 season 2 top secret is here play spy games the island has been taken over by covert operatives ghost and shadow and its fate is in your hands will you join the fight discover exotic new locations throughout the island go off grid and discover new points of interest hideouts on the map join limited time operations infiltrate enemy bases neutralize the henchmen guards and face off against their leader to snag unique and powerful weapons surprise the enemy break into hideouts with secret passages take out auto turrets and security cameras and use new gadgets like decoy grenades proximity mines and disguise to sabotage rival agents your choices your battle powers earn 100 rewards including all new customization choices like missions that unlock an optional ghost or shadow outfit variant force new bonus features unique to battle pass outfits plus 1,500 VBox back have you bought the battle pass yet if not use my Creator code come on make sure you subscribe for more four night videos

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