13 thoughts to “Friendly deer in Hugo goes viral”

  1. Only thing is, if you see a male with antlers approach, it's best not to do something like this.. unless you'd like to be disemboweled and then stomped to death.

  2. No different with most animals, especially black bears, feed them and they keep coming back for more until the hunters or traffic kills them

  3. Dead deer walking… Leave wildlife alone, nothing ever good comes from domesticated wild animals. That doe is easy pickings now.

  4. I know that deer. I live down the street. There are many deer showing up in our yards that we treasure. I don't find it to be a problem like the DNR insists. Critters getting along with other critters isn't a bad thing as long as it's peaceful in nature. Feeding an animal or human that's hungry isn't bad, is it?

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