Hey guys what’s up! So we have a highlights video of Ghost, and
while we’re at it, let’s go check out her item build. Now, we did a skill guide on her before as
well as a full gameplay video so if you want to understand why we’re picking these items, then you can go check out those videos. The link is under the description below. Anyway, let’s start with our items. Ok so first item is the Jungle item Quantum Rifle and I don’t think we need to explain this, with her being a Jungler. So let’s skip this part. Next is the boots, Which is Hydra Boots. As sneaky as Ghost is, she will still be jumping
right in the middle of a clash because of the mechanics of her skills so having that extra physical defense really helps. This gives you a bit of defense in the early
games. Some people choose Hunting Greaves which provides
a 25% attack speed. But personally I wouldn’t use it, since a
lot of her combo is a series of skill basic attack, skill, and basic attack, and so on. However, when it comes to late game, that
then Hunting Greaves would definitely be better than Hydra Boots. Rocket Boots is also a good option. It gives you more mobility with that additional
60 movement speed when you’re out of combat. It lets you roam the map faster for either
farming the jungle or assisting your allies. Next item is Nightsword. Now this is a must have item for Ghost, the
passive skill of this item is just perfect for her gameplay. It’s definitely one of her core items, so
always include this on your build. You receive a 200% physical attack increase
on your basic attack after each skill. You also receive a 60% speed boost after each
triggered basic attack. Like I said, purrfect for Ghost. It also provides a decent attack damage, a bit of cool down reduction, and some HP. Next item is Double Daggers. And it provides attack damage, movement speed,
and 15% CD Ghost relies a lot on her combination of skills,
as well as on her second skill to stay safe and dodge incoming attacks. Her second skill is the reason she can survive
even when she’s right in the middle of a team fight That 15% cooldown reduction is a huge help
on her over all performance. The passive of the item also provides some
armor penetration for her attacks. This enables you to damage those tanky opponents
a lot better. Tanks can’t totally ignore you when you have
this item. Next is your 5th item. This item can vary depending on the situation
of the game. If you have the advantage then you can go
Twilight Blade or Silent Hunter. Having the 5th item means you’re around late
game. Being an assassin, your basic attacks during
these times have significantly increased In damage and speed so having the critical strikes from these items will certainly make you fatal to a lot of your opponents. This helps you to keep the snowball going
for you and your team. However, if you find yourself having a hard
time surviving the clashes then you can go Immortal Glaive. Immortal Glaive prevents you from being bursted
down by those huge damage dealers in the late game since it generates a shield whenever you get damaged for more than 25% of max HP in 2 seconds As a squishy assassin guys, your weakness
is being crowd controlled and then getting instantly killed. This item helps in preventing that, and at
the same time, still providing you with a bit of damage. Next is your 6th Item, if you haven’t bought
Twilight Blade yet as your 5th item, then go buy it. If you did then go for the Silent Hunter. Again guys, the power of these items can be
felt more in the late games, so getting these as your 6th or 5th item is really advisable. So there we go guys, that’s it for our Ghost
item guide. Hopefully you have a fun time playing her. Anyway enjoy the rest of this Ghost Highlight
video. Thanks! And there we go guys! So what do you think of Ghost? Would you play her? Share your thoughts in the comment section
That’s all for this video Thank you for watching!


  1. How about, Godslayer as 6 item ??, I generally sell boot and buy valkri bow ?, For hp damage in late game

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