Lily tries to derail CIDG’s investigation | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

Miss Lily. Mei Lin. Did you get the job done? He’s gone. I already killed him. We finally got rid of that
pest in our house. He has already become a burden. Thank you for solving
the problem. I didn’t even break a sweat
while taking him down. So, what’s next, Miss Lily Savor your accomplishment
a little longer, Mei Lin. After all, that was
a job well done. I’m glad you
finally picked up! What is it, Lily? I thought we had a deal. So, why did you betray me? I didn’t betray you, Lily. I just got lucky. I need to gather all possible
resources that would help me ensure that you’re sticking
to the plan. You didn’t answer my question. Cedrick was the one
who approached me. How could I refuse
such a promising offer? Why is the First Lady
interested in Renato Hipolito? I’m also curious
about that, Diana. When I ran an
investigation on Lily, I learned that one of her
connections also happened to be connected to Renato Hipolito.
Do you remember? I remember. One of Lily’s friends is
the owner of the coffee shop, where a drug lord was caught
and Renato Hipolito was seen in. Oh… Hello, General Dela Cruz. I just came from
Secretary Borja’s office, and I already updated him
about the syndicates that the CIDG is
currently investigating. General, shouldn’t you
be prioritizing your search for
Renato Hipolito? He’s a huge threat
to our country. What could all this mean? It looks like we also
need to investigate Renato Hipolito. He is on the list
of our priority. However, he’s not the only
criminal in the country. There could be another criminal posing a bigger threat
to our country. Thank you, General,
for your continued effort to keep our country, and most especially
our president, safe. You’re welcome, Ma’am. I’ll be going now. Okay. Ramon! How are you? Mr. Galvez. Please don’t hurt my daughter.
She didn’t do anything. Ramon, I wanted you to
be together in the new year.

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