60 thoughts to “Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Raging Brachydios & Furious Rajang | PS4”

  1. Me: Gets PTSD from farming Immortal Reactors in GenU

    Also me: Gets MORE PTSD from farming Ghoulish Gold Gorers in GenU as well

  2. And here I thought they wouldn't bring Furious Rajang since he was a Free Title DLC and already had rarity 12 weapons. How wrong I was.

  3. Just started playing this game a few weeks ago. Got about 100 hours in so far and still loving it even though I haven't bought the DLC, but my B/day is in March so guess I'm gonna buy it then

  4. I'm happy and concerned at the same time. I hope they at the Bullfangos and Bulldromes soon as well, can't get the full Monster Hunter experience without them.

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