RED DEER – WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY – behind the scenes vlog with wildlife photographer Morten Hilmer

RED DEER – WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY – behind the scenes vlog with wildlife photographer Morten Hilmer

It is red deer. Far away there’s red deer coming out. Oh, this is so fantastic. I’m here to photograph the red deer.
And they are probably out there in the meadow. It’s a heavy beast. ♪♪ They are extremely shy. This one… Luckily it has been raining a lot,
so everything is kind of soft and bendy. It doesn’t just snap. They can hear everything and
they can smell everything. There is no wind. Absolutely no wind.
Which makes it extremely difficult for me, because… without the wind they can hear every little mistake I make. ♪♪ I can hear them. I am about 30 meters from the forest edge.
I thought I could see some red deer, but.. Sometimes when I really wish I can see something,
I can see something, but… I thought it was a glimpse of red deer. It is red deer. Yes, it is red deer. All of these branches. They have to go away. ♪♪ I need to get rid of my backpack.
It’s too noisy. This is just at the edge of what’s possible.
It has started to rain and… Far away there’s red deer… coming out from the… My plan is to… wait here a little. Just to enjoy it. The light is getting too weak for me to photograph. I’m on a fiftieth of a second. F4 and the ISO 20.000 so that’s quite a lot. It’s very late now, and
it’s way too dark to photograph. There are no deer out now, so I’ll pack my stuff together and get back home. I didn’t get like really really good photos, but had a really good experience. It was so nice to be here. Yeah, just amazing and… Yeah, it’s raining a lot now so I’ll get… I’ll probably be quite wet once again
before I get back home. But, yeah… ♪♪ [sound of bellowing deer in the distance] [sound of bellowing deer in the distance] They’re are coming out from the forest now. [sound of bellowing deer in the distance] ♪♪ [sound of bellowing deer in the distance continues] ♪♪ Oh, this is so fantastic. ♪♪ Ah [sound of bellowing deer] Okay, so… [sound of bellowing deer continues] ♪♪ Of course it’s really tempting to move closer, but… I kind of feel it’s not worth it, because… Like I have some pictures now
and I have this unique… beautiful… scenario with all the red deer and it’s not that they are paying attention to me, they’re just… just grazing out there, like, peacefully. But of course sometimes I want to get closer,
I want to portray something. But in general. I don’t want to disturb. Just because I want a good photo on the camera,… I don’t think it’s fair… that 50 deer have to run away in panic. I’m totally happy with just sitting here… looking at this beautiful scenario. Get a few good photos.
Showing the animals in their… environment, I mean that is what it’s about for me. It’s about.. describing it,… like the mood.
It’s… it’s awesome. Look at that. Look at them. They are so beautiful. ♪♪

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  1. Det er meget meget godt Morten! I am not a Dane but your name and the slight accent gives it away. Everything about you sharing this experience with us is spiritual – your commitment, respect and empathy for the deers, the background score and your own whispers. Tusind tak min ven og venlig hilsen fra Indien

  2. I was trying to find a video, that gives me an impression how it is to be a wildlife photographer, and in what mindset those photographers are in. I live in a big city and am interested in wildlife photography. This video did a phenomenal job of showing me that. Great content. Thank you Morten!!

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  4. you resemble a little to David Attenborough ! of course young and on artistic point of view ! but level is just very high !

  5. Morten thanks for taking us on this experience. Im learning alot from your videos to put into my videos. Especially appreciate how you are respectful with the wildlife! GREAT JOB!

  6. Dedication.Very Nice work…like My Life.
    – Shaji Mathilakam (Wildlife Conservation Film Maker & Wildlife Photographer)

  7. NOOOO, nene están buenísimas esas fotos , creo que te voy a tomar una para ponermela de fondo de pantalla , sos un crack BB

  8. Nice you created a very peaceful mood on this one. Which I think helps teach aspiring photographers to get in the rhythm of the place and time. Love your work and your ethics.

  9. hello sir, i am a fan of your channel. i want to work like you, do you have a used camera? i want to learn it. so i can like you, you are my motivation for photography 😊

  10. For a large creature with no natural predators, they are extremely skiddish!

    Just shows how powerful natural instinct is, or the fear from man and a rifle 😪

  11. Sir my name is Sushant a I am from Nepal I studying now wild life photography iam inspired by you sir please meet me sir give me this opportunity sir

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