RT Life – Michael’s Date to Prom

Girl named Kylie, she asked me to prom on Twitter Long story short, I was gonna go to her prom principal didn’t want me there I’m a grown man So instead we’re gonna bring her here Gavin: *laugh/coughs* He had nothing to do with it (Rooster Teeth Intro) Driver: All right, how was your journey? Kylie: I came from Pittsburg, PA Camera man: Is it your first time in Ausstin? Kylie: yes Lindsay: Hi, how are you doing? Nice to meet you Kylie: Nice to meet you Lindsay: hello, welcome! (scattered greetings) Meg: awww thank you! Meg: no oh my god, it’s OK, – just for me let me hug you Jack: hi nice to meet you Kylie: I watched your stream last night Jack: oh yeah?! Nice! Cool! Did it look OK? Kylie: Mhmm Jack: Awesome! Thanks! Micheal: So, a lovely young fan, by the name of Kylie, asked me to prom To which I simply replied “did you get me a corsage?” I’m not going to push you in a corner do what you want. dudes usually ask the girls to go and then they get them corsages well I’m just figuring well she’s asking me, she should buy me the corsage You look so pretty I’m jealous of that dress. I didn’t have a prom dress like that Michael: she sent me like a little uh a little thing that says: Prom free alcohol You asked for a corsage so here it is. This is officially mean you are prom date love kyley so at that point i decided I guess i’ll just go to her prom the final okay comes from the principle saying: yeah we just need a permission slip from his parents *laughing* I was ready to sign it so then I’m like well what if “fuck it” what if we just have prom here there you go so huh Kyley if you would like to have our dance did you spike the punch? yes that’s what you do! that’s what you do HOLY SHIT oh you look gorgeous is this for me to give back to you? okay great let me open it up the on you got me is so much nicer than the one that oh no this is the blue mere I’m gonna fucking stab you with that *laughing* I’ll try not to let’s take a photo right a little pose like that and then you have to do the prom thing I’m so short nah your fine, your fine here look now let’s do this and I will always love you I didn’t think anybody was ever going to ask me there we go that’s the prom would you like a cupcake! feed it to him feed each other is that at prom that’s a fucking wedding and Lindsey yelled it, my wife yelled it okay we’ll do it anyway I’M 18 AGAIN

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