Stephen and Ayesha Curry Go Viral!

Stephen and Ayesha Curry Go Viral!

Live from New York City, it’s the Wendy Williams Show. ♪ Oh yeah ♪ ♪ Feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel, feel it-it, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Let’s go, come on, you need it ♪ ♪ How you doin’ ♪ ♪ How-How-How-How you doin’ ♪ Now, here’s Wendy. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) (audience whoops) ♪ How you doin’ ♪ Thank you. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Thank you for watching our show. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Say hello to my co-host, my studio audience. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) How you doin’? How you doin’? I’m doin’ okay. Let’s get started. It’s time for? Hot Topics. You got it. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) (deep bass music) (audience cheers) (Wendy laughs)
(audience laughs) Traffic in the city is light because nobody’s working except for us. My pleasure. Today is President’s Day, established in 1885 to recognize George Washington originally. It became President’s Day for all of us who know it now (clears throat) in 1971. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) (Wendy clears throat) A shout out to our current President. He made his appearance with his wife with that ugly white belt. (audience laughs) Look, Melania, I don’t know what happened. Normally, you hit on all 10s but that right there? (audience laughs) Anyway, at the Daytona, which many years ago, I was asked to do the Daytona. And I have no idea whatever happened with those plans. It just came up because they were makin’ such a big deal out of him being there this weekend, and he was with his motorcade driving at a slow pace, not a fast pace, around the track. I love fast cars. (audience laughs) You know what I’m sayin’? Yeah. One big unitard, showin’ everything. (audience laughs) With that flag. You take your stance and you say and go. (audience laughs) (Wendy sighs) I bet ya they have good food when you sit up in there. (audience laughs) Anyway, I want to shout out to a legend that I’ve invited to participate in today’s show. DJ Junior Vasquez. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you. Love you, love you, love you. Yes. Yes. Right back at you, yes. Junior’s been around for decades, okay? He’s worked with icons like Mariah Carey, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Cher. He’s worked with Kanye West. Junior? Yeah. ‘Cause I know you’re a man of a particular age, you might not– I don’t wanna say that age but– No, I know the age. It’s upward 60. It’s on your Wikipedia. 70. Huh? 70. Yeah. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Junior, let me tell you somethin’, you look terrific.
Thank you. And he used to DJ at all the popular clubs here in Manhattan. But I was underage then. I used a fake ID. (audience laughs) I don’t think you and I have ever met. Have we ever met? I don’t think we’ve ever met. We did. We did? On another show a while back, back, back, back. Wow.
Early on. And I was in the audience with my boyfriend, now rest in peace. And we were sittin’ right here and you did a shout out to him and I stood up. And now I’m here this time. ‘Cause of him is how I got turned on to you. Ooh, turned on. It’s an honor for me to have you here today. (audience laughs)
(audience cheers) (audience applauds) Listen. And I mean I watch you every day. It makes me feel really happy now you’re so successful. I used to listen to your radio show [Inaudible]. Thank you, Junior. You’re clever and you’re real. Thank you, Junior. Really real. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Thanks Junior. And don’t stop sayin’ what you gotta say ’cause when you say it, you mean it. Don’t stop sayin’ when I have to say? Just don’t stop because when you say something, you mean it.
Oh-oh, oh-oh. Yeah. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Junior, by the way, is remixing Donna Summer’s music as we speak.
Yeah, a box set. It’s a box set. Yeah. Hey Junior, can I make a request? Probably about this big. Can I make a request today? Huh? I wanna hear all that house music. Oh yeah, okay, yeah [Inaudible]. (audience applauds) It’s goin’ well and I’m gonna probably–. I love hip hop, I do care. I do. But today, ’cause we’ve got the scientist of everything that’s house music, I wanna hear that. Dip it way down. I got ya, I got ya, I got ya. I wanna hear Sylvester, (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) the Peech Boys, Donna Summer. I’ll go down to the borderline. Yes please, work it to the bone, bone, bone. (audience laughs)
(audience cheers) (audience applauds) I’ll get back to you in a moment about a scandal I heard. I got ya. (audience laughs) I want more details about somethin’. (Junior Vasquez laughs) So Junior? Junior? Justin Bieber, he’s a junior. (audience laughs) Well, he went from porn star to pop star in just three minutes. He shaved off his mustache over the weekend. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Yeah. Yeah. And as usual, most people these days, that’s all they do is put everything on Instagram. He shaved it off. He says his wife hated it. He was probably watchin’ our show and then maybe some of you all went down in his DM and said come on now. That is a struggle mustache. (audience laughs) Good for you. You look much better, Justin. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) You know what I was captivated by last night? I was watching the Shahs of Sunset. Yes. And I gotta tell you somethin’. First of all, I love, there’s one main guy. He has black hair and two brothers who are dentists. Mike? Mike. Mike. Oh Mike. (Norman laughs)
(audience laughs) Mike’s mom, Mike’s dad. Mike comes from a really good, I was like oh, look at this good Persian representation over here goin’ on with them. But I have to tell you something, speakin’ of mustaches, Reza looks so much better with no facial hair. He looks like a new man. You really do, Reza. And then, the other one who had the baby, what’s her name? MJ? MJ. MJ had the baby and she had a weak uterus like me. That thing where you have to get the stitches in there, otherwise, the baby’ll fall out before you’re ready to give birth. And then they told her a whole bunch of stuff. I cried and I laughed in the episode. Her with the baby, she caught the diabetes and just all kinda stuff was goin’ on with her. And then they had a big Persian celebration. There was a little fightin’ in between. (audience laughs) Gotta be a little fightin’. Anyhoo. So Steph Curry and Ayesha Curry. (audience murmurs) Well, they posted a really sexy picture while they were on vacation. Oh.
Uh-huh. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) (Wendy laughs) Yeah. Look, look, look, look. First of all, she’s got a really strong back. (audience laughs) And second of all, what am I looking at here? (audience laughs) (Wendy laughs) (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) What is that? What is that? It’s a really nice picture if it was a different couple. I have to be honest with you, I think that they’re above doing this. They’re like the first family of not just the NBA, they’re like the Huxtables. Oh, come on, you all. And I get it, they’re married and so it’s justifiable that they take a picture like that, but maybe they coulda staged a paparazzi picture where they’re laying on the beach and she’s wearing the same costume but laying on a nice chaise lounge and he’s layin’ next to her, and maybe they’re drinking margaritas and holding hands or something like this. This right here, this is a little too, in my opinion, they are above this, and that means I’m complimenting them. Do you understand? (audience applauds) Tired of you all gettin’ my words confused. (audience laughs) You’d better listen closer to this show. (audience laughs) Drew Carey’s ex-fiance was tragically murdered over the weekend. What? Look, look, it was like three o’clock on Saturday morning. Uh-huh, and there was screaming in the neighborhood in LA. She lived with a girl roommate and the roommate heard the screaming. The neighbors all around the neighborhood heard the screaming, and they called 9-1-1. Once the cops got there, she was down there dead on the ground. (audience murmurs) Yep. Was pushed off of a third floor balcony. (audience murmurs) I’ll give you a little back story. So she was killed, not by Drew, but by the ex. Come on down. (audience murmurs) Why you puttin’ allegedly? This story is everywhere. All right, lawyer lady, she threw allegedly in there. Because he hasn’t been convicted, the ex-boyfriend hasn’t been convicted. He’s been arrested. Correct. He’s in jail as we speak. Correct. All right. Allegedly. (audience laughs) Allegedly, the ex-boyfriend did it. All right, they were dating for a moment and then she found things about his character that she had to get a restraining order. So the restraining order ran out two weeks ago, all right, so he was probably sittin’ in his watch lookin’ like mhm. Now watch how this is gonna go down. Goes over there and that’s what happened. Her background is that she dated Drew. She and Drew started dating in 2017. They got engaged in 2017 and a half into ’18. They were only engaged for nine months. Her name is Dr. Amie Hardwick and she was engaged. They are not together anymore. Drew has moved on with his life. But she was also a family, marriage and sex therapist. Yeah. Sad. (audience murmurs) Really sad. I’ll just keep it sad for one more moment before we bring it back up, okay? There’s this guy. Well, there was this guy. Now, he was found dead earlier this morning, like one o’clock in the morning. 35 years old. Jason David. Now he died, 35 years old, of an alleged, he was addicted to everything that you don’t even know anything about. The heron, the Xanax and the oxycotton. You might recognize him from that movie, Recess. He was a voiceover actor when we were kids. There was a TV show, a cartoon called Recess, and he was one of the voices for it. Oh. And he also, (clears throat) he was also on Rehab with Dr. Drew. So our friend Dr. Drew knows exactly who this is. His parents though, (blows out air) his mom is a wine baron. His father is an oil baron. His father used to own 20th Century and then sold it for hundreds of millions of, but the oil and the TV money and the wine money and this is what you do with you life. I gotta tell you all somethin’. It’s fine to be young and have fun and stuff like that, and I’m talkin’ about all of us, even if you’re not young, even if you’re Junior’s age, look, Junior, over there. (audience laughs) Excuse me? Was that DJ Boof tryin’ to get outta the frame? (audience laughs) Oh. Oh, look who doesn’t wanna be seen. Follow him, get him, get him. (audience laughs) Get him, get him. (laughs) (audience applauds) Junior, I know you’ve seen a lot in your time. You know where all the bones are buried. Yes, I do. With regarding– In my backyard. (audience laughs) With regarding drugs and sex and things like that. And the only thing I could say to people, and we all, whether it’s drugs and sex or a divorce or whatever you go through in your life, you gotta just live every day, not that hard, but as best as you possibly can. I have to tell you, over the weekend, I stayed in New York, although I was invited to Chicago and the Bahamas, but I do work a job and I do have to rest my bones during the weekend. So I stayed in the house. My dad celebrated, yesterday, Daddy, he celebrated his 89th birthday. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) And I gotta tell you somethin’. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Look, look, look, look, he’s got on the proper footwear. And you know what he’s dancin’ to? “Make it Shine on ‘Em.” (audience cheers) Yes, yes, yes. (audience applauds) He’s dancing to that. (audience murmurs) He got on his good, old Rolex watch, his shoes. Look at him do it. (audience laughs) (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) That to me is what life’s about, you know what I’m saying? If you wanna live to be able to still dance at 89, as opposed to bein’ pushed in a wheelchair or hobblin’ around or somethin’ like that. I don’t know how he does it. I honest to God don’t. Some people say you live longer if you have children, if you’re married, if you have love. I don’t know that to be true either ’cause sometimes, it’s fun. A lotta people have a good time just hoppin’ and skippin’ and living their own life. So I don’t know what his secret is. I don’t much ask him anymore. I’m just glad that he’s still here. (audience applauds) He wanted to see The Temptations on Broadway so he and my mom are comin’ up in a couple of weeks, and I’m gonna take them to that. Yeah, the three of us. I’m gonna go to The Temptations on Broadway. (audience applauds) Do you have that picture of my mother sittin’ there, they’re blowin’ out the cake? Uh-huh, yeah, there’s a video of it. See, that’s a cake I don’t even wanna eat because– Right. (audience laughs)
(Norman laughs) You don’t wanna eat it? No, no, ’cause when older people blow. Right, right. (laughs) The spit comes out. (audience laughs) (Norman laughs) I’m not eatin’ that. (Norman laughs) And they’re not even just posing. That really is how they are. They’re deeply in love. They’ve been married forever and they are comical, and if you wonder where I get it, honest to God, I was born to be right here in front of you. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) That’s it. I was. Speaking of love, Tokyo Toni got married on Valentine’s Day. (audience gasps) Uh-huh. Well, she remarried her ex-husband, Marculles Hunter, in a private ceremony. And Blac Chyna wasn’t able to be there but she watched it on Instagram live as the couple tied the knot. Chyna looks gorgois, doesn’t she? (audience murmurs) Mhm, anyway, and Tokyo Toni, look, I don’t know whether this is for her, the reality show that she does on that network I still have no idea– The Zeus network. (laughs) Okay. (Norman laughs) I don’t know whether this was filmed for the Zeus network or whether this is real. (audience laughs) I give it six months. (audience laughs) You know what I’m, six months. (audience laughs) I’m sorry. They look good though. I mean age appropriate and stuff. (audience applauds) Jane Fonda’s 82 years old and she said she’ll never get plastic surgery again. Well, at 82, first of all, (audience laughs) you’re probably dead at the anesthesia. (audience laughs) But she looks good, right? Yes. (audience applauds) She’s been gettin’ it pulled, tucked and tightened all of her life. She said she’s had more than a few facelifts, eye surgery on her lids and her neck and a Botox in the cheeks and the forehead and the whole bit. (Wendy sighs) I wonder if that’s a wig ’cause that’s some good hair. (audience laughs) I think that’s natural. She’s got some pieces in it. Maybe some pieces to thicken it up. Yep, yep. Well, she looks good. I’ll tell you what. Show her the other night when she was at that awards show. Look, she’s got a whittled waist and uh-huh. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Yeah. Yeah, a bad wig too. I don’t like that particular wig. That particular wig is a little more elderly for a woman with such a young, sexy body. Just my opinion. But 82 years old. There comes a time in every woman’s life, after she’s gotten a bunch of surgery and stuff, ’cause you know I love the knife, (audience laughs) and the needles and I play, hey, but I’m gonna tell you this right now. Since I caught the lymphoedema, I’m not messin’ around. I’ve already told you this, The lymphoedema, I think I got it because I had the bunion surgery over a decade ago. But I had one on each foot. And sometimes, the lymphoedema doesn’t soak in until years later. I’m not messin’ around ’cause my friend, Kathy Bates, she had the breast cancer and she had everything done up here. Next thing you know, she’s catchin’ the lymphoedema all on her arms and stuff like that. We’re both of the National Board of Lymphoedema. But I’m like uh-uh, that right there is enough to say no, no, no. And you all want me to get a breast reduction? Oh hell, no. (audience laughs) I will go under one more surgery and that is if the doctor says Wendy, you need a new kidney or somethin’ like that. Or you need a new hip. And then while I’m under, I’ll say, all right, and bring in the plastic surgeon and then reduce my boobs. (audience laughs) I am now frightened of surgery. I am frightened. Today, everybody, by the way, a lot of you all always ask what this necklace says. It’s says “More” with an exclamation point. More. I want more of everything. I want more. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) And more love is always welcome. Today, everyone, is Random Acts of Kindness Day. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) And we all need more kindness and understanding in our lives. So I’m gonna do something random right now, (audience cheers) by the way. (drum roll) (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) (fanfare) Karina Reid, where are you? Karina Reid. Karina Reid? (audience cheers) Oh my gosh, happy birthday. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Karina, my random act of kindness is that I’m going to give you a $250 cash gift card. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) That’s it. Yeah. You’re very welcome, Karina. I want you to keep watchin’ throughout the hour to show more random acts of kindness, please. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) We’re doin’ this all hour long. Junior’s here. Junior? Yes. I never asked you about Madonna. I know she tried to sue your pants. No, but soon after dinner, we can talk about her. (audience laughs) Okay. I mean nothing bad. It’s just something you should know. There’s something. Well, it’s not bad now ’cause we’re all– I mean no, not now. Okay, but it was back in the day– She’s probably watching. I’m watchin’ my words. Uh-huh. (audience laughs) Okay. Junior Vasquez is here. And we’ve got more great show for you. Up next, the Inside Scoop on Michael Lohan’s arrest. So grab a snack and come on back. (dance music) (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) (audience whoops) ♪ Feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel, feel it-it ♪ ♪ Woo ♪

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    The joke about Drew Carey's ex-girlfriend was tasteless and unnecessary.
    Your parents look amazing and are aging gracefully.

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    To Wendy: your hair is beautiful ! Now , if I didn't like it, I would simply not comment at all, knowing that it's your choice to show us, and not right for me to pull down your joy about it. That's why I feel that your comment about Steph. and Ayesha — " they are above this " (above what??), Umm should be explained to those whom does not understand what you are talking about to support your statement. In my opinion, they are married, having a fun vacation with each other, and decided to share the moment, at the moment . Isn't that a part of a having a good and nutured marriage suppose to be like–having fun with the one you love, while making sure you love yourself ? Yes, they could have "posed" for the media as you suggested, but that would be for who?? I'm listening. Blessings 🙏to you, and don't ever let anyone steal your peace. Blessings to all.

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