Top 10 Shocking Kraven The Hunter Facts

Top 10 Shocking Kraven The Hunter Facts

Sergei Kravinoff, aka, Kraven the Hunter,
is one of Spider-mans longest running foes, with the goal of proving that he is the greatest
hunter in the world. And given what he’s managed to achieve,
I’m willing to give him that title. But he’s had quite a history, and is an
enemy with much more depth than would would initially suspect. So we’re counting down our Top Ten Shocking
Kraven The Hunter facts. 10. He “Killed” Spiderman…Then Became Him In perhaps what is regarded as the best story
involving Kraven the Hunter, Kraven’s Last Hunt, Kraven finally succeeded in taking down
Spiderman by simply shooting him with a rifle. Having taken him down, Kraven takes his place
for Spider-man…temporarily. You see he didn’t actually kill Spiderman
so much as set a new plan in motion to prove his superiority, by capturing Vermin with
his bare hands, a feat Spiderman required Captain America’s assistance to do which
leads to our next noteworthy point. 9. He Shot Himself Yes. Tragically, Kraven took his own life at the
climax of this story. Having proved his point to Spiderman by allowing
Vermin to defeat Spiderman, Kraven has completed his hunt. He sees no foe worthy of defeating him, and
has proven that he is superior to Spiderman. Finding peace in this, he releases Vermin
and allows Spiderman to pursue Vermin with the knowledge that Kraven will never hunt
again. Kraven confesses to his crimes and in his
final moments, takes his own life by firing a rifle in his mouth. Rest in Peace. 8. He’s Cursed to be Immortal Considering that last point you might find
this a little strange, but he’s a comic book character and no one stays dead for very
long. So Spiderman’s Clone Kaine, was killed fighting
against Kraven’s Family, who had machinations to revive Kraven using the blood of Spiderman. The problem was, he was cursed to a state
of unlife, which makes him effectively immortal. 7. He Can Only be Killed by Spiderman or His
Clones So because of the curse, Kraven can only be
killed by Spiderman or one of his clones. Kraven wasn’t happy to be alive, so he tried
to make Spider-man kill him almost immediately, but given Spider-man is…well, Spiderman,
this obviously didn’t happen. So, instead, he retreated with the rest of
his family to the Savage land. Which was definitely not for their benefit
as most of them would die due to his actions. Kraven was definitely not a family man. 6. Spiderman Became Kraven the Hunter In What If? Spider-Man #1 (2011), a one-off tale, Spiderman
in a conflict with the Kraven family, finally kills Kraven the Hunter. Unfortunately, this sets off a chain reaction
in Peter, leading him to track down his enemies and kill them one by one. Eventually, this leads Peter to becoming the
new Kraven, and enslaving the original Kravinoff family. Madame Web tries to enlist assistance to take
down Peter, including allying with Venom, Anti-VEnom and Spider-Woman, however none
are successful. It isn’t until Spider-Girl succeeds in blinding
Peter and sparing his life, that Peter finally gives up his life as the hunter, forcing him
to live, seemingly, on his own. 5. His Own Clone Killed Him So after his family resurrected him, Kraven
found himself dissatisfied having a daughter to carry on his legacy, leading him to force
the High Evolutionary to create 87 clones of himself. Kraven took the clones to the Savage Land
and trained them in the ways of the hunt until sending them out into the world. However, one of the clones began to hunt and
kill his siblings. After giving his brothers skulls to Kraven,
Kraven sent his clone to capture Spiderman in hopes of using him to break the curse. However, after Spider-Man refuses to kill
Kraven, Kraven realizes what he must do to perish. The curse states that only the Spider can
kill him, and so he, just like before, becomes the Spider, and allows it to be his undoing. Kraven dons a copy of the black suit spiderman
costume, and when The Last Son of Kraven returns home and finds spiderman, and promptly begins
to beat him, finally killing him via strangulation. However, after unmasking him, he finds that
he’s actually killed Kraven. Kraven, having foreseen this, left a letter
to his son, stating that it was his destiny to inherit Kraven’s legacy, and become the
new Kraven the Hunter. 4. Kraven was going to be in the Sinister Six
Movie So, before the MCU reintroduced Tom Holland
as their new Spider-Man, the sony franchise starring Andrew Garfield originally planned
to introduce their own Sinister Six, which Kraven the Hunter had actually been planned
for. They even went as far as teasing it in the
post-credits for the second movie. However, since Spider-Man has since been rebooted
into a split universe with Sony and Marvel Studios, that movie was eventually cancelled. Although some think that Kraven has a good
chance of appearing in the MCU. Could be! I dare not make any predictions but I’d
be open to that. 3. Chameleon is his Half-Brother So we’ve established that Kraven’s family
is pretty messed up, well this apparently was a hereditary trait, as The Chameleon,
AKA, Dmitri Nikolayevich, is also his half-brother. This fact wasn’t revealed until after Kraven
died the first time and despite being Kraven’s personal servant, and the abuses he suffered
at Kraven’s hands, the two were still best friends. Which is kind of nice in a twisted serial
murderer kinda way. 2. Ultimate Kraven was a Reality TV Star So, as we know by now, the Ultimate universe
basically made significantly alterations to a lot of characters. In this universe, Kraven was a reality tv
show, an interpretation that would also be used in the 2017 SPider-Man animated series,
where he hosted a show called Kraven’s Amazing Hunt. The character is presented as being part Australian,
which makes the show somewhat Crocodile Hunter-esque. That said, this version of Kraven is comparatively
weak, and is promptly defeated by Spider-man on Live TV, resulting in his show being cancelled. Kind of an embarrassing version of the character
in all honesty. Though that’s nothing new for the ultimate
universe. Kraven Actually Took Down Deadpool Yeah this is actually brand new. So Kraven, or rather, Clone Kraven, as some
fans are NOT into this new Kraven, in the second issue of Deadpool, actually is successful
in trapping and disabling Deadpool. Of course he hasn’t succeeded in killing
him, and given we’re only in the second issue, I can’t see that actually happening,
especially since at the last moment he’s teleported away by Elsa Bloodstone shooting
him in the forehead, but still. It’s an impressive feat to be able to go
toe to toe with Deadpool in any capacity. And those are our top ten shocking Kraven
the Hunter facts. He’s actually a pretty impressive character
in the hands of a good writer. And Kraven’s Last Hunt is a fantastic storyline. Any Kraven moments stand out to you guys? Lemme know. And as always, have a good one!

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  1. I know TAS wasn't good but I feel Andrew Garfield could have been an amazing Spider-man if given the right script, also his relationship with Emma Stone was the highlights of the movies

  2. Cool cross over event idea for Marvel and DC would be Kraven vs Vixen, the powers granted to her by the different animals would make her a worthy opponent for Kraven, I think she might even edge him out in a victory but it would be an awesome fight

  3. Kraven should be the first villian in Black Panther 2. Namor should be the 2nd half villian, like they did Klaw and Killmonger in the first film. Kraven should want to hunt the Black Panter in his natural habitat for hunter reasons and stuff.

  4. I thought of a storyline where Fury comes to Kraven and offers him the fly on the wall position that Nick Fury Sr had when dealing with threats to Earth from other worlds. Would be great to see Kraven head to space as a bounty hunter… WHERES MY MONEY MARVEL ?!

  5. "They said my mother was insane", imagine being an eight year old boy and reading this comic. I still remember every bit of that comic.

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