Woodland red deer hunting – Polowanie na jelenie 2017 – Hirschjagd – Chasse aux Cerfs

Woodland red deer hunting – Polowanie na jelenie 2017 – Hirschjagd – Chasse aux Cerfs

Cold today Crunchy, won’t be easy to stalk close to deer Less stalking, more watching Some decided to have a rest Further stalk impossible this way Can’t see a single hind anyway Hot tea allows me to stay out longer I am not interested in roe today Looks like a young hind There is also a mature hind and calf ruminating under the trees on the left Touching eye for blink reaction

28 thoughts to “Woodland red deer hunting – Polowanie na jelenie 2017 – Hirschjagd – Chasse aux Cerfs”

  1. Высочайший профессионализм.Видео выше всяких похвал!

  2. Nice Greg, that angle they go down well, Shot a fallow like that @ 170 yds and saw the pins fly off as it went down. got 12 duck yesterday with Chip working very well. Tim

  3. Awesome shot, beautiful snow covered, picture perfect scenery, we don't see much of snow on low land part of New Zealand, thanks for the trip, best regards from all of us, Tony.

  4. znowu klimatycznie tylko krotko. Czy Połamane (dośc świerze)gałązki drzew na wysokości od metra do poltora od ziemi swiadczą o bytowaniu jeleni czy nie koniecznie???

  5. Witam. Mam pytanie z trochę innej beczki. Ten Zeiss na Blaserze to 50 czy 56 mm? Jeśli 50 to jak się sprawuje w. nocy? Pozdrawiam i czekam na kolejny filmik.

  6. Very nice movie. Also it is nice to see the respect you have above the deer. I understand why many people follow your channel, it is admirable

  7. Kolego Twoje filmy powinny być pokazywane na kursach dla nowo wstępujących do PZŁ . Suchy kurs to nic a tu tylko patrzeć i się uczyć. Uwielbiam takie polowania z podchodu. Zawsze marzyłem polować z kamerą , tyle wspaniałych chwil nam ucieka . Życzę powadzenia na niwie łowieckiej jak dotąd . Pozdrawiam Mariusz 76 Iława

  8. Bravo! Excellent hunting video, superbly filmed. You conveyed the idea of your patient stalking, and the pleasure of being there in the wood. Then you took that hind with a perfect shot. Beautiful scenery in those snowy woods (I think you already showed those places, e.g. the alley at 2:42, but snow changes everything), and the light nearly perfect. Probably you got very cold but the result is among your best. Thanks for sharing, and congratulations again.

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